Where’m I headed next?

El Cap

I knew coming home from Yosemite in February that I was coming to one of those places in my life and there was a choice to be made. I’ve been questioning if I’m happy with the life I’ve made for myself a lot lately. The answer is “kinda”. But I know I deserve better. I deserve a “hell yeah!” So I decided – I’m moving to Sacramento. I’m going to hike with my dogs and enjoy the beautiful landscape and…what am I going to do for work? Meh, just gonna wing it.

Wait! What?! Wing it, Megan? Really? 3000 miles away from everything you’ve ever known you are just going to WING IT? Don’t be stupid.

Yeah, well fine. What’s your big idea then?

What do you do now? Are you happy? Today what in your life gives you purpose? Makes you happy? Excites you?

My sweet girls

My girls. There isn’t anything in my life that has more meaning to me than the happiness of the two girls asleep next to me.

A plan started forming from here. My big change stopped being about where I would go and started being about what I would do when I got wherever it is that I’m going. So, I may or may not end up in the Sunshine State. But wherever I end up, it will be as a certified animal behaviorist and dog handler. It will be with the intention of helping rehabilitate abused and neglected dogs. I have places in mind for where I will start. Places a little closer to home in the event of needing a bail-out but far enough to satisfy the wanderlust my dad is always accusing me of.

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2 thoughts on “Where’m I headed next?

  1. Tyson Koska says:

    oooooooooooooo–it’s so nice to have a focal point, i love focal points! …i really need to focus on finding me a focal point 🙂

  2. Ha! When I found my focal point, I was talking about my lack of one with a friend. As supportive as he was, no matter what, he agreed that my original plan of winging it was a terrible idea.

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