Think for yourselves

I found these 2008 and 2007 reports by the NCRC on how the media chooses to respond to dog-related incidents.

Whenever I find myself defending why I own two pitbull mixes, a term at which I cringe now that I am more educated on the subject especially considering my girls are rescues of undetermined breed with “certain physical attributes”, I’m often told to “just be honest” and admit that pitbulls kill people and “when was the last time you heard of a lab mauling somebody”.

The truth is that if you want to know what is happening in your world, you will put in the time and educate yourself. Relying on the media to make sure you are well-informed is like…I don’t know, expecting something to happen that won’t.

I’m just saying, don’t believe the hype…otherwise you will sound just as foolish as when you say that global warming (another cringe-worthy phrase) is a myth because of all the snow we got last winter.

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4 thoughts on “Think for yourselves

  1. pennypup says:

    Don’t you just love ignorance? Those who form an opinion based soley on someone elses rather than forming one based on their own experiences?

    People unfortunatley love to hate, and currently the new flavour of the month is the “pitbull.”

    In a decade or so, they will move on to something else… maybe siberian huskies? After all, only last summer a 2 week old baby was mauled to death by two not far from me…

    • I saw a quick snippet somewhere about banned pomeranians. I haven’t been able to find another source to verify if it was truth or jest. There’s a site (, don’t visit unless you want to be angry) that says pitbull owners are not normal dog owners and then goes on to list studies that show I’m deluded and a liar for suggesting anything other than my dogs being vicious killers. It’s exhausting and frustrating.

      • pennypup says:

        I’ve visited the site before. It’s all completely bias towards pitbulls.
        I can honestly say, I’ve only ever come across one pitty in my lifetime who was actually aggressive. And he was trained to guard a scrap yard.

        Every other pit I’ve ever encountered has been a sweet, lovable marshmallow of a dog.

        It drives me insane when people form an opinion on a breed of dog as a whole rather than treat each and every dog as an individual.

        I could go on forever about how I hate BSL…

        • On that we agree. I disagree with labels such as “vicious” or “dangerous”. I know a few dobermans and rotties and akitas and bulldogs and mastiffs (all belonging to both those classifications) and the only ones I’ve found to be problematic were the ones either abused or untrained.

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