Ignorance Down Under

Oh thank gawd! It is comforting to know that rampant stupidity and ignorance is not just an American trait.

The bad news is that one of Victoria’s animal welfare organizations is accusing another of misrepresenting pitbulls before selling them back into the community. The good news is that both animal welfare organizations appear to be lead by two imbecilic bigots.

Chief Executive, Dr. Graeme Smith, of The Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne says, “My view is that if it looks like a pitbull, it’s a pitbull.” He is also credited with being on public record as believing that these dogs have no right to exist. A view which doesn’t seem to jive with their Vision Statement:

“All companion animals have unique intrinsic value and are accepted as being capable of feeling and perception. As a consequence they must be responsibly owned and valued by their human counterparts.”

…or their core values, specifically the ones about employing staff who have a strong animal welfare ethic and exhibit empathy to animals in their care.

When is this guys performance review?

But so long as everyone charged with the care of neglected, abandoned, and mistreated animals is discrimantory against an entire breed of dog…

Hugh Wirth, President of RSPCA Victoria believes that pitbulls are “time bombs waiting for the right circumstances” and that “they’re not suitable pets for anybody”.

Good. Good. Sounds educated, tolerant, and well informed. Sounds like these guys were the best ones for the job.

Seriously, I hope you don’t encounter any killer jellyfish next time you are out surfing.

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