Someone stinks

I have a lot of thoughts about work. One thought, not shared by all, is that I am not at work to make friends. I don’t wake up in the morning to go hang out with my buddies. I drag my sorry ass out of bed, away from my slumbering puppy dogs, and show up to do the job I am paid to do so that when I am not at work, I can afford to do the things I like doing. Like sleeping under a roof, climbing mountains, feeding my dogs, and eating Chinese food.

But I digress…as always…

Another such work related thought I have is that of the ways one should act at work, running around gossiping about the personal odor of coworkers is NOT one of them.

I have a “diploma” in a plastic bin stored in my mother’s attic that verifies that I graduated from grade school some time in the early ’90s.

If someone is stinky tell them or sit down, shut up and do a quick pit check on yourself, just in case. What you do not do, is run down the row of cublicles laughing gleefully as you say, “Oh my gosh! Someone stinks! Guess who. I can’t tell you but ask so-n-so, she’s knows what I’m talking about!! Teehee!”

You are seriously just asking to be throat punched.

Asked if this week was any better than the last. I replied…Well, I hate people. So as long as they keep trying to interact with me, I don’t see things looking up.

Someone does indeed stink. But you and I disagree on the olfactor offender.

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I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

4 thoughts on “Someone stinks

  1. Lee Travis says:

    I agree. But you should try not to hate so much…lol…did I just say that, I hate everybody, who am I to give you advise?

  2. pennypup says:

    I wonder if those gossipy ninnies know that some day, they’re going to be the one everyone is gossping about? What goes around comes around after all. And coworkers are usually not much more than superficial friends who will turn their back on you the moment someone mentions the word “promotion.”

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