Farewell – Apocalyptica

The music that most affects me is the music with the most compelling, applicable story. As a musician (a mediocre pianist) I can appreciate instrumental pieces but rarely can I understand the story. This song is instrumental but something about it hit me. I had this song play on repeat for days trying to understand what it was saying.

When I found the story, I sent it to my dad and made him play my game and listen 3 times. First listen to the song, then read the story and listen, and finally listen to it again, eyes closed. You are welcome to do the same. If I am right, your final listen will be different.

So, here is what I heard…(hopefully you can hear the phrasing easily)

Two lovers wake up wrapped in each other. They stretch and begin to fully wake up and remember it is the last morning they’ll spend together. He has to go.

She asks: Do you really have to go? Can’t you just stay. I just can’t bear when you are way from me.

He responds: You know I would never leave you if I didn’t have to. I can’t imagine not being here, but I have to go. But I will be home soon.

Chorus, him: You know I have to go. You know I hate to go. You know that I can’t be where you are not but there is no choice.

She coyly asks (probably in lingerie): Are you sure you have to go? Are you sure we can’t find something better to do than say goodbye?

He responds: Don’t you know how much I want you? You don’t need to seduce me. There’s nothing I want more than to stay here with you.

Chorus, him: You know I have to go. You know I hate to go. You know that I can’t be where you are not but there is no choice

He leaves: Every step away from her is painful. His footsteps are heavy. But each step farther makes him stronger, he knows that he’ll be back. The sooner he leaves the sooner he came come back to her. The crescendo is the conviction that leaving is okay. It will be fine. He’ll be home again soon.

Chorus, him: In a letter or a dream he’s trying to convey to her across space and time. He doesn’t want to be gone from her and it’s not easy but soon, soon we’ll be together again. You know I had to leave you. You know I couldn’t stand doing it, but I had to and I’ll be home soon.

She: Desperate. Heart broken. Soul shattered. There is a realization he will never come home again.

There are parts of the story I don’t know, like where he’s going and why he has to go and how she ends up so broken. I think he must be heading off to war because the love is strong and the desire to come home is real but somehow, she is left crippled by the pain of his loss. I don’t believe the pain is merely from his leaving but of him being taken from her.

Yeah…this is what I do with my time. So what?!

(PS – I would kill to see these guys live so, uhm, feel free to let me know if you wanna go to Finland)

Sniff This

Last night I was talking to a friend about things that drive her nuts that parents do, or don’t do, with their children. Sometimes I forget that I have children, too….sometimes. Just because my children poop outside and like to chase ducks doesn’t mean I don’t have similar “It drives me crazy when parents do” moments.

It drives me totally batshit crazy when people STOP their dog from sniffing my dogs butts. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Anyone with a soft squishy thing between their ears (or internet) should know by now that butt sniffing is the essential part of the canine greeting. That sniff tells your dog everything he needs to know about my dog.

If I could easily tell whether people were shiddy by catching a whiff of their nether regions, I would never shake hands again.

But these people who stop the process, they seem embarrassed. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” He didn’t sniff my crotch, and if he had a) I wouldn’t have been offended and b) he’d have learned that I’m not his type so he should keep his lipstick away from me.

I don’t know. It don’t make sense to me.