Stalemate – Joss Stone (Featuring Jamie Hartman)

Bear with me, all. I am in the process of moving out of the place meant for “us”. As a result, I’m flushing the wound so that no festering infections linger to plague me further.

October 1st, though, I move completely away from it. From him.

For now…this…(deal with it)


Did I let you down?
Did I give you up?

So what’s it all about
Was it not enough?
No, no, no

It’s alright, yeah
It’s okay, yeah
It’s alright with me

I’ll be fine, yeah
I don’t mind, yeah
I’ll pretend at least

But if you give me something
That I believe in
Give me something
I will wait

But if you give me nothing
I can’t help feeling
I’m in stalemate with you
Stalemate with you

Used to pick me up
Like a sunken

And I’ve been thinkin’ it
And we worked so

But it feels wrong, yeah
When I’m strong alone, yeah
Strong alone by you

And the words you say, yeah
Just to get your way, yeah
Well, they just won’t do
You got to

Give me something
That I believe in
Give me something
And I will wait

But if you give me nothing
I can’t help feeling
I’m in stalemate with you, oh, I’m in stalemate
Oh, I’m in stalemate, pretty baby
(Stalemate with you)

I need more, I need more
What are you waiting for?
It’s so frustrating
(So frustrating, baby)
You got to

I’m so frustrated with your love
What you do to me
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
You got me in stalemate

Ooh, ooh, ooh, woo, woo, woo, woo
No, no, no, no, no, no
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
You got me in stalemate, hey, yeah

Ooh, don’t hurt me, baby
Don’t hurt me, love
You breakin’ my heart now
Don’t you break my heart, no
Don’t you break my heart

PS– This in no way should suggest to you that I will not continue to listen to mopey, love songs. Just that they will stop being about a certain schmuck. There are plenty of schmucks in the sea.

UPDATE: Pitbulls buried in trash – Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix Photo Credit: PSPCA

Rocket Photo Credit: PSPCA

UPDATE: Two dogs and one cat were removed from what had been known as “the dirty house” on the 2600 block of N 23rd St.

It was while rescuing the partially buried, emaciated dog (Rocket) that whimpering was heard from the “mountain of trash” under which another starving dog (Phoenix) was found. Phoenix was unable to walk yesterday but was able to move around a bit more today.

Both dogs and cat are doing well reports PSPCA staff. They are all sweet and will be looking for homes in a few weeks.


According to a press release made last night by the PSPCA, authorities arrived at a home in Philadelphia for an unrelated incident; however, what was found there required Humane Law Enforcement to be called to the scene.

What was found: Two emaciated dogs buried in 4 feet of trash.

It is reported that both dogs were pit-bull mixes, a male and a female. The male is said to have been found starving, chained to a fence, and partially buried in the back yard. The female was buried underneath the 4 foot pile of trash.

The female was placed on life support last night but both dogs are expected to survive and go up for adoption.

The family living in the home will all be charged with cruelty to animals. Two arrests have been made and authorities are still searching for the remaining 3 suspects.


Let us hope that the media’s rabid appetite for reporting dog-related incidents involving pit-bulls carries this story far, although it is not their usual flavor. Animal cruelty and neglect are heinous crimes. Laws should protect our community and mete out appropriate punishments for those who commit crimes against humanity. Laws should not make it harder for those who are willing and able to care for those who need it.