Seek and Ye Shall Find

I used to be fat.

I tell you that to tell you this…

A few weeks ago I posted a sad, boring story of frustration and confusion over body aches and pains that come too early (as deemed by me) in this little life of mine. It was a boring chronicle of my pains and doctor’s appointments and negative tests for the past year and a half…and so here we are:

I used to be fat.

I, also, used to be engaged. It was because I was engaged that I no longer wanted to be fat. So I joined a weight loss program to slim down for the wedding. Unfortunately, my intended liked big girls so the more weight I lost the less happy he was about my appearance and the more douchey I realized he was and eventually, I was losing weight and not getting married.

But I digress.

I traded in cow for chicken. Later trading in chicken for soybeans (with a few egg and cheese exceptions).

Once I learned how to eat properly I traded in processed soybean. Tofu and edamame were fine but I didn’t need “chik’n patties” anymore, not when the world was full of a rainbow of beans.

Then I traded in wheat for better grains like barley and oats.

It was beans and rice and grains and veggies and fruits and almond milk. You know…good, wholesome foods.

Life was wonderful and I dropped 5 pant sizes that I’ve kept off for 4.5 years.

Sweet, right?!

Are you sitting down for this?


Yup. That’s right! Found out last Tuesday. Everything I have been shovelling into my pie-hole in an effort to live a healthy(er), wholesome(r) lifestyle has been poisoning my body.


If you sing one more lyric of “Isn’t it ironic” in your head while reading this, I will find you and punch you in the face!

The good news: This is the first positive that I have gotten in the barrage of testing I’ve undergone in almost 2 years. This could be the answer. This could explain the severe and regular migraines, the constant burning in my joints, the ever ache in my body, the inability to focus or remember simple things like “green light means go”. This could.

The bad news: This could not be. This could just be a very new and complicated direction my life is taking. To eat soylessly and barleylessly means goodbye convenience and pre-baked items. So long everything made and packaged individually.


I used to be fat.

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6 thoughts on “Seek and Ye Shall Find

  1. pennypup says:

    I used to be fat too; and I’m still kinda fat.
    I’ve actually gained 10lbs in the last 3 months =O
    I boil it down to stress hah!

    That really sucks though. Finding out a good chunk of your diet is now no longer an option is a poopie way to start the day. =[
    Look on the bright side though. You can still eat oatmeal! Mmm and add in lots of fresh fruit! At least that’s one grain you can still “shovel into your pie-hole.” XD

    You’ve managed to completely re-work your diet once. You can do it again. It will simply take some getting used to is all.

    I hope this IS the answer and you start to feel much better soon. =]

    • Thanks!! Me, too!!!

      You’re right! I’ve done it before, I can do it again. I’ve gotten lazy the past year or so and this gives me cause to tighten back up my healthy eating ways. I’m thinking of maybe putting my efforts here in a different section. It’s all me and my life, ya know?! So stay tuned. Quinoa and Black Bean Chili, minus the beans of course…is coming soon!!!

  2. Lee Travis says:

    You used to be fat and now your not, your amazing and beautiful. Fat or not… still you are those things.

  3. addielicious says:

    Haha. This is the freaky part. I swear on everything that is important to
    me, this is true: I was singing ‘the song/lyrics’ in my mind before getting to the BREATHE part. *now shielding my face with my hands*

    Sorry about the allergies. I’m lucky I don’t have any – or at least not yet(?).

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