If you have to ask…

A few weeks ago, after I moved but before I moved again when I wasn’t cooking any food for myself and I was eating whatever convenience food I felt like having, I was pulling through a drive-thru window when the girl about to hand me my food saw my co-pilot, Rose, and my back-seat driver, Analaigh, who were both happily pacing and wagging tails at the delicious smells of cheap fast-food wafting through the open window and she asked:

Are they pit bulls?

As she waited for my response she tentatively handed me the drink.

They are. And they are friendly.

Since my best friend is petrified of dogs, not pit bulls, but dogs I have had to learn to wait before judging a person as an outright moron. I know that just because I say “they are friendly” to someone who is scared of dogs in general, mine are no more or less intimidating than any dog would be. I know this. So I make no judgements…until she opened her mouth again…

Oh, I don’t do pit bulls.

She then repeated this sentiment to her co-worker as she handed him the rest of my order so he could finish my drive-thru transaction.

Here are my thoughts:

First, I get people being afraid of dogs. I have a harder time when they are only afraid of mine.

Second, I get people who have had events occur in their life or people they have known that further encourages the prejudice against dogs like mine.

Third, if you have to ask what kind of dog I have BEFORE deciding whether or not you should be afraid of it, I should be allowed to reach through the window and pull you close enough to bitch-slap you and then let my dogs lick your face in apology for their vicious owners behavior.

Fourthly, WTF do you mean you don’t “do” pit bulls? They are in my car, Asshole. I didn’t leave them in a basket on your doorstep for you to care for. In fact, after this transaction, Imma drive off into the sunset and you’ll never see them again and never have to “do” anything with them.

Fifthly, Uhm, so like…I just want my dinner so if you could shut the hell up and give me my food without the commentary, I’d be super okay with that.

I know... Scary!

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