Moving: Act 2, Scene 1

If I had planned better the girls and I would have dressed up as the Three Musketeers for Halloween. Based on the casting of the 1993 cinematic version of Monsieur Dumas fantastic novel; Analaigh would have been Aramis as played by Charlie Sheen: the quiet, thoughtful priest with a subtle sense of humor; Rose could be no other than Porthos played by the wonderfully hilarious Oliver Platt, further explanations not necessary; and I would have been Athos, the heart-weary realist who was often the glue that held the musketeers together.

However, I did NOT plan it better and it was in plain clothes that this branch of the Koska family moved to Warminster on October 31st. Although, it should be noted that the girls were dressed in ridiculous costumes over the weekend: Analaigh was a pretty ballerina complete with ribbons on her feet and Sheriff Rose handled all unruly and unlawful situations that occurred in her town.

I digress, as always…

Careful not to slip on the ice remaining from the first snow of the season we received on Saturday, Monday morning at 6am I was loading the final things in the car at the farmhouse. We were on the road by 7am, girls dropped off for their behavioral evaluations at yet another doggie daycare (they passed, of course!!) by 8am, Mommy arrived at our new home by 8:15 to begin the rather undaunting task of unpacking our meager belongings…again. It took a few hours and voila. We are settled(ish) again.

Despite my best efforts to purge my life, I’ve had to reaquire some items like a bed and places to put thangs but, you know, we gotta roll with the punches. I can breathe again, or I will be able to when I get paid on Friday and my bank account looks less like I moved twice in 3 weeks and more like I’m a gainfully employed young lady who doesn’t need to choose between gas and groceries. The girls seem to be adjusting pretty well. I haven’t had to trade favors for eye contact and, aside from the resident dog being a mean little cuss, they seem comfortable.

Aside: Analaigh just rolled off the bed, it’s a KING so I kinda wanna know HowTF she just did that, but it was done so gracefully that one might actually believe she did it on purpose. She didn’t though. She was sleeping.

Anyhow, so here we are. In our new home. It’s not really our home, it’s someone else’s but it’s home temporarily. Although, Jason keeps reminding me it is my home and it’s really very nice that he cares so much that I feel as such. Letting myself get that comfortable will take some time but so far so good.

I do have just one question though. WhatTF is it with men and putting the new roll of toilet paper on the holder? Is it really such a time-consuming task that it’s just not possible to put the roll ON the holder? Three used TP rolls were sitting next to the 1 currently-being-used TP roll sitting next to the TP holder. Seriously. What gives?

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