Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

I recently tracked down the song list of an old cassette of mine. I listened to this cassette constantly. I listened to it until it died because that’s what happened to cassettes, they died. Man, I loved it. It was a compilation of great songs from the 80’s. I listened from Side A to B and from Side B to A. I knew all the songs and I knew all the words and I knew that I looked fantastically awesome dancing to all the songs while loudly singing all the words.

Tonight I was driving home from picking up the girls at day care. Today is Monday. The sun is set by 5:09pm. Work, blah, and I haven’t even begun to consider what I’m going to come up with for dinner. Yawn. Then out of nowhere (or the only 400 songs to cycle through on my iPod) this little gem started playing. How can you drag your feet with something like this to playing through the speakers? (You can’t is the answer)

Rose, exhausted from the day, was snoozing quite peacefully snuggled in the crook of my arm. She discerned at an early age that my arm is not there to access my gear shift, it is there to provide comfort to her snoozing head should ever she need it.

That is until…”WE CAN DANCE IF WE WANNUUUU WE CAN LEAVE OUR FRIENDS BEHIND, MmMmmm DON’T DANCE, THEN MmMmmm DON’T DANCE, MMM NO FRIENDS OF MINE!” And with that, like lightning she found better resting under the seat.

The song: Safety Dance. Yes, that’s right. It’s safe to dance, People! Have I mentioned that I love the internet? I found the official Men Without Hats, Safety Dance video and…Wow! Just Wow! I love you 80’s. I kinda wish I was older so I could have appreciated you in your time.

…and just like I knew then, I knew today, I looked damn cool. I don’t know what was Rose’s problem!

Fear not, loyal readers…I will feature each song from that beloved cassette (Street Beats) here in “What’s Playing on my iPod” in due course. I’m going to structure this here blog and try to make this a Monday feature type thing. Music is my sanity and what better way to get us through the start of the week, eh?