Crag Dog


Mama’s sounding alarm

It is early morning

Our eyes open slowly

Downward facing dog



Mama’s coffee is ready

Bags are in the hall

Daylight is breaking

A door creaks open

A car starts its engine

Let’s go!

Windows are down

Music is blaring

Smiling widely as cars go by 

Parking lots are empty

We are the first ones here!

Packs are snapped into place

The hike begins

We run ahead to check for danger

I run back to check for Mama

Birds are chased

Sticks are gnawed

Sun is shining

A puppy’s dream

The hike is stopped

Packs are removed 

How silly they look

They don silly shoes

They snap on silly helmets

They double back silly pants-holder-uppers

They are silly humans

Belays are on

Climbs away

Wait!? Where did Mama go?!

Mama is not here

She is every moment farther

She is tied to a rope

I am abandoned forever


She descends slowly

Feet hit the ground

Mama you left us (me)

Eyes begin to droop

Packs are reassembled

The hike begins homeward

Rose runs ahead

She is always in front

I am here with Mama

Finally back to the car

All day was spent in wonderland

But the engine is a welcome sound

Brake lights are off


by Analaigh

I’m re-posting this for Analaigh I like to support my girls in whatever they like to do. My sweet Analaigh is a poet.