Ode to People

I’m sitting here shuddering in *almost* self-disgust. See what happened was I decided “Hey, instead of blogging about whatever whenever, why not structuralize it. You like structure. You love structure. You would marry structure if you believed that marriage ever did anybody any good in the first place.” And so Monday was my iPod. Tuesday my pibble-babies. Wednesday, People. Thursday, Fooooood. Friday, Climbing. Saturday, Life thoughts and quandaries. And Sunday is the day of farting around. “It’s going to be perfect,” I thought happily to meself.

So Monday was fun. Tuesday I cheated. Wednesday I was…nice? What the hell?! Yeah, my entry in honor of my grandmother Hazel-Helen and I didn’t suggest wanting to bitch slap anyone in the face.

Are we all caught up? Is everyone disappointed with me yet? You certainly should be.

Here’s my rationale: a) let’s (and by us, I mean me) at least try an “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all” direction b) I really hope my younger sisters and brothers occasionally venture to my blog and if I can point them in the direction of truth and rational thought then it would be criminal not to try, and c) I just plain like some people. Given how dirty I feel over being nice I can’t imagine it’s going to happen all that often.

Okay. Now that that is off my chest I feel a little better….back to Neil deGrasse Tyson

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I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

4 thoughts on “Ode to People

  1. addielicious says:

    People. We have our own measures of whether someone is worthy of our respect. I, for one, am not really the type of person who likes EVERYONE.

    “Given how dirty I feel over being nice I can’t imagine it’s going to happen all that often.” – I’m chuckling at this. 😀

    • Ah, I knew we were kindred spirits. It’s not so much that I’m *not nice* but that I just don’t leave a lot of wiggle room for people. I don’t like my time wasted, I don’t like my space invaded, I think making mountains of molehills is stupid, “Spit it out already or get out of my way” is kind of how I am with people.

      It is completely opposite of that which I aspire for which is a very flowing, non-directional “Whatever, man” approach to “walking the labyrinth” of this journey called My Life. But it’s like those people in the mall who are walking 3 people abreast and a million times slower than everyone…I don’t exactly have anywhere to go but I sure as hell don’t want to be behind you. You are cogging my wheel of progress, man.

      Wait for it…

      • addielicious says:

        I had that ‘mall-like’ situation while on my way from work to the bus stop. I was behind this group of people walking abreast and they were blocking and stalling me. They couldn’t see me from behind but I was rolling my eyes at them.

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