Turkey Soup

So I only claim to be an “oft vegetarian”. What I mean by that is, more often than not I prefer not to. But as my body recently took a big sh’t on my protein sources and as I am a recovering Catholic, I have chosen for myself a life free of guilt. So I don’t make hard, fast rules about anything from what I want for dinner to what I’m doing on Sunday to what I’m doing with the rest of my life. I’m not into having to feel badly about not meeting some expectation of mine.

I made a feast of feasts last Thursday. I cooked a perfect 20 pound turkey, heaps of mashed potatoes, mounds of stuffing…truly enough food to feed a family of 8. So the 2.5 people that sat at the table really did a poor job of making food disappear. Caroline, that 2.5 does not include Aiders since he didn’t eat. It’s me and my “should I, shouldn’t I” turkey ways and Tom’s “please add water to the potatoes that I brought made of natural potato flakes”. And so now there’s frozen turkey in the freezer and I’m going to put it to good use.

Driving home from work the other night in the pouring rain and dark at 5pm, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the weekly necessary items. I was starving but I knew there was not much I could grab without regretting later so as clean eating suggests, I stuck to the perimeter of the store, purchased my items and got home to a fridge of…bits and pieces. No worries, I’m a chemist. Add a few elements, add a little heat, VOILA dinner.


1 15oz container of tomato soup

whatever remained of my vegetable broth

what was left of half a yellow squash, chopped

a quarter(ish) of a vidalia onion, chopped

remaining 1/3 of green pepper, chopped

some frozen turkey

handful of frozen corn

1 can of diced tomato, undrained

handful of baby spinach

1 1/2 rice pasta elbow noodles

What to do with it all

Throw it all in the pot. When the frozen bits aren’t frozen and the uncooked pasta is cooked, it’s ready.

Comments on the dish from the food critics in my life

I thought it tasted delightful and the coworker walking past my desk at lunchtime stopped to talk about how delicious my lunch smelled.

I’m a huge fan of repurposing food to make new dishes. I hate throwing rotten fruits and vegetables away. So everything that was okay but I wouldn’t have kept past this weekend was thrown into the pot. Now my fridge is stocked with new foods and nothing was wasted.

I am noticing that mostly everything is in a tomato base and all looks the same. I need to spice things up in the kitchen a little. Must. Find. New. Recipes.