The Star Carol – written by Alfred Burt, sung by Aaron Neville

It’s the first Monday in December so I hope you were expecting me not to  dedicate this spot to Christmas songs for the next few weeks. If you are surprised to find that I am, thank you for seeing me as I want to be seen. 

Normally, I wouldn’t because I’m not a fan of doing what all the cool kids are doing. Normally, I wouldn’t because generic Christmas songs make me want to stab myself in the ear, repeatedly.

But this year, I have a platform. It’s not a very big platform and it only sits about 1/2 inch above the ground but it’s a platform none-the-less and I see it as my duty, no…my priviledge to share with my fellow readers some of the exceptional variations of Christmas music that I can abide.  

My daddy introduced me to Aaron Neville after I asked him about that large, black man with the beautiful voice that sang with Ernie on Sesame Street which the internet tells me happened in 1996 (I’d have sworn it was earlier). Regardless, he set me up with some cassettes and I fell in love (I fall easily in love with men with voice). One such cassette was Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas. Which is by far my favorite collection of Christmas music to date.

My favorite song is The Star Carol. Originally written by Alfred Burt, American jazz musician, in 1954. It is said he finished this, his last carol, and died less than 24 hours later of lung cancer.  

(Sure wish I knew how to get it from my now CD copy, cassettes die remember, to the interweb because I find it superior to the Simon & Garfunkel, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Peggy Lee variations readily available)