I need pizza. It would be criminal to live without it.  Now, I just have to make it.

In the past few weeks I’ve done so twice on two separate crusts. I found out something I wanted to share with the (my) world.

For your delicious pizza sauce go here on my favorite recipe website, I shredded the parmesan because the processed stuffs is contraband. It was greasy. I’m stealing (borrowing) rubber gloves from the lab next time. This sauce is really fantastic. I didn’t add anchovy paste because…ew…why would I?

Here are the two pizza crusts I tried:

Perfect Pizza Crust. This crust uses yeast which is great but just makes the process take longer as you have to wait for it to do it’s business. It is possible that because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach, I thought these 2, 12-inch crusts were the smallest things ever. Next time, I’ll just make one big old pie. The texture was as you would expect for pizza crust, so no fail there (YAY!). The flavor was only okay probably because I used wheat flour instead of white. It kind of makes everything taste wheaty. For this reason, next up to bat was…

Garlic Herb Pizza Crust. Look, man. Just don’t do it. It’s not pizza crust it’s biscuit batter. It’s not even very good biscuit batter. If I had created a wonderful new confection and my yummy sauce, melty cheese, and delicious vegetables sat upon a wonderfully garlicy biscuit I’d be sitting here patting myself on the back. I didn’t. It was not awful it just wasn’t pizza. I should mention, I selected this recipe, also, because it boasted baking powder instead of yeast. I wanted a quick fix without having to wait the hour for the yeast to do it’s thang. In my humble opinion, good (better) things come to those that wait.

The third time, I’m hoping, will be the charm: combining garlic, herb and yeast. By your powers combined I am Captain Planet!