Just Go

“Just go,” Bryan quietly urges.

Not yet. Check my foot. Readjust the grip.

I’m going to fall. I know I’m going to fall. I always fall here. I’m looking at a possible ground fall.

Damn. Should have gone by now.

Here goes…


3 feet off the ground. Of course. Bryan always catches me.

I feel the most rewarded when I see what I want and just go for it. I know that I won’t always hit my mark. I know that sometimes, that next move requires more than I got. Just go, though. What have I got to lose? I’ve already fallen and been caught. I’ve already had to accept failure here. Just go. Maybe I’ll fail again but maybe I won’t.

“Just go,” Bryan quietly urges, again.

This time I listen.

Breathe. Go. Clip. Breathe.

See how easy that was?