People, People, People: A Day at the Park

It was Saturday. I took the girls to the park. They (heart) the park. They have so many puppy friends. They have so many people friends. Saturdays at the park is our favoritest thing to do ever!!!

This day was a slow park day.

“Hark! I hear the pitter patter of feetsies on the wooded path,” thought Analaigh.


They ran to the gate to sniff and say hello to Mr. Jack Russell Terrier who came to play!

“WHOOPIE!! WANNA PLAY? DO YA? DO YA? DO YA” pestered the girls as they ran circles around Jack, his papa, and the two children (aged 7-10).

“No” was the answer as one can only assume when papa picked up Jack and held him protectively from the “too big” dogs trying to play.

…I guess he missed the sign…

I called them away and off they went, sad at first for being pushed away but whatevs, Analaigh always has Rose and Rose always has Analaigh.

So Family Jack Russel Terrier selects a nice bench in the middle of the park. Ahhh… Then out of papa’s back-pack they pull…


All bets are off now, dude. You reap what you sow.