My7DayDiet: Day 3

Re-cap: Vegetable day was pretty easy. Vegetables always fill me up and I eat delicious vegetable combinations all the time so what to make was pretty easy. My kale and spinach salad wasn’t bad. Kale has a really earthy flavor to me which was unexpected but not bad, not bad at all. I took the pups out for our regular afternoon walk which is generally about 4 miles but I felt a bit off, as I had expected. We wrapped it up only doing 2 miles. I was supposed to hit the gym for a climbing session but after our jaunt around the park I didn’t feel it would be a good idea. Bummer. Next week though…next week.

The idea that there is something that I can’t have is driving my cravings, though. This is why I don’t diet, I just eat better. Anywhoo…I’ve been day dreaming about a Twix bar and gummy bears all day…and then I ordered these:

Actually, I ordered the Pumpkin and Chocolate. Whatever. Don’t judge me! They are Raw Vegan Treats (see Raw is Sexy in ma recommended sites –>) aaaaand they won’t ship until January 10th which will be after I’m done the detox.

So I think things are going pretty well but it’s a good idea to keep exercise pretty low-key for the week which makes sense.

Today is Day 3: Fruit and Vegetable Day! Whoopie!!

I made enough fruit salad for day 1 to carry me through (I’m a planner) and same with yesterday’s vegetable day. Which is pretty awesome because I didn’t have any rushing around for prep the night before. Woot!