My7DayDiet: Day 4

Oh man!  Who thought planning a 7-day detox that would fall around the night of all nights (New Year’s Eve) was anywhere close to a good idea? That person should be taken out back and beaten over the head…with a banana.

Mama, You did say light exercise, right?

Fruit and vegetable day (day 3) was fiiiiine. I woke up to fruit salad and it was wonderful. Really, it was great. I think it was better than day 1. I took the girls to the dog park for a few hours and then headed to my New Year’s Eve (and weekend) destination. Bad move. Not because I don’t love being here at Jen and Wayne’s. But because Jen and Wayne like to eat…food. Like food food. Like all that food that goes right to my hips and my waist. Like that Twix I can practically taste it’s so vivid in my dreams now. Christmas chocolate, potato chips, and snack cakes. Oh my!

It’s not that I’m hungry exactly because I’ve found the food choices that really fill me up: melons, constant snacking, fiberlicious foods. It’s that my environment is not my own right now. I’m doing O.K, though. I snacked on frozen raspberries, carrots, and red peppers when I felt like I was about to fall face first into the cookie jar.

Stay strong, Megan.

Did I mention we ordered Chinese for dinner? I got the broccoli from the healthy servings selection so don’t judge me too harshly. The sauce was on the side and full of soy.

Stay strong, Megan. It’s just food.

There was an incident with a strawberry daiquiri. I know, I know…bad but a) it was fruit, b) I had just one, c) I wasn’t driving, d) it was NEW YEAR’S and e) I’m totally making it up with water, water, water…I SWEAR!!!

…and then a sip of bubbly at midnight but Wayne said it was made of elderflower? That’s totally plant-based.

No, Cara, I didn’t actually make it. I fell asleep early and they woke me up.  

Today is Day 4: Bananas and Milk

I’m nervous about today. Firstly, as much as I loooooove bananas…within reason. *Reason* being it’s not the only thing I’m eating for the day. Secondly, I’m trying hemp milk for the first time. Banana smoothies sound lovely!

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4 thoughts on “My7DayDiet: Day 4

  1. Cara says:

    I *almost* made it–11:30pm and I zonked too 🙂 haha. That elderberry champagne, on the other hand–I would zonk out drinking that but wow, does it sound worth it!
    Hemp milk? Did someone say hemp milk??? This is honestly my favorite non-dairy milk! Try HempBliss if you can find it. Oh and you can so make “ice cream” from all those bananas too. This just might be a great detox day after all 🙂

    • I fell asleep the first time around 8:30 and then woke up about every hour until finally Jen and Wayne woke me up at 11:55.

      I think hemp milk may be an acquired taste. My first go with it was okay but I realized, it’s going to take some getting used to. I felt the same way about both soy and then almond milk once.

  2. Addie says:

    Haha. Stay strong, Megan. It’s just food. Temptations everywhere. 😀

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