My Project 365: A Dog A Day (Day 4)

Day 4

My Project 365: A Dog A Day

I will select a dog a day to share here.

A dog that is sheltered or fostered in the continental US.

A dog that needs a loving home.

A dog that wants a second chance.



[shelter info at bottom of post]

Meet Bear!!! ID# 0920555


5 years old

About 28 lbs

Previous owner surrendered (Re: Had no time for him)

 A Volunteer Writes:  Bear is a tiny Pittie who barely weighs more than my Pug. He is a minuscule speck in a big cage…What kind of mix could he be?  Basset Hounds genes might be one piece of the puzzle… Bear was relinquished as his owner (who had only great things to say about him) had no time for a pet anymore. Bear is a Teddy Bear. This is the only comparison I can think of for this small dog. He walks beautifully and seems very much housetrained. He meets other dogs in a very nice way. . He is a love bug who likes to come on the lap, hug, be hugged, kiss and be kissed. Bear is a gem of a dog. Bear could fit in a bag that one can take on the bus or subway, going places and enjoy life. He is the perfect size, without doubt, for a New York City apartment. He is a sweetheart too. Bear is at the Manhattan shelter, hoping…and dreaming of his new  forever family

This dog is located at the Manhattan AC&C (326 E 110th Street, NYC 10029). Please act quickly and GO DIRECTLY TO THE SHELTER to adopt (open 7 days per week from 8AM-7PM, adoptions opens at noon). If the dog is on the euthanasia list, you must CALL THE SHELTER to let them know that you are coming (212-722-4939 keep hitting 0 until someone picks up. Do not leave a message when the recording picks up — keep hitting 0 until your hear a voice!). If you absolutely cannot get to the shelter, please contact participating rescue groups to see if they can assist you:

On behalf of the dog before you, THANK YOU!

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