My Personal DNA

Popping around WordPress this evening and I saw a fellow blogger over at Make.Life.Orange mentioned a personality test. Now, I already know me but I always like to see what these online tests think they can learn about me from answering a few questions so I took the test, here. Below are my results and I’d say I’ve been nailed pretty stinkin’ spot on. Good job Personal DNA! Thanks for a fun Saturday evening…

A Personality Chart was also generated which appears to be based on a percentile of test takers. For example, 96% of test takers answered lower values on agency questions (the belief that we determine our own outcomes in life). Again, I would say spot on. I think it is interesting, too, that I did not score much in the middle. Either I scored high or I scored low, another trait of mine. I either am something or I am not that thing. Too much is lost in that gray/middle area, in my humble opinion.

What do you think, those of you who know me? And if you take it yourselves, how well did it do?


You are an Independent Leader.

about you

You are a Leader

  • Your solid grounding in the practicalities of life, along with your self-assuredness and your willingness to appreciate new things make you a LEADER.
  • You’re in touch with what is going on around you and adept at remaining down-to-earth and logical.
  • Although you’re detail-oriented, this doesn’t mean that you lose the big picture.
  • You tend to find beauty in form and efficiency, as opposed to finding it in broad-based, abstract concepts.
  • Never one to pass on an adventure, you’re consistently seeking and finding new things, even in your immediate surroundings.
  • Because of this eagerness to pursue new experiences, you’ve learned a lot; your attention to detail means that you gain a great deal from your adventures.
  • The intellectual curiosity that drives you leads you to seek out causes of and reasons behind things.
  • Your confidence gives you the potential to take your general awareness and channel it into leadership.
  • You’re not set on one way of doing things, and you often have the skills and persistence to find innovative ways of facing challenges.
  • You are well-attuned to your talents, and can deal with most problems that you face.
  • Your independent streak allows you to make decisions efficiently and to trust your instincts
  • You are balanced in your approach to problem-solving, not letting your emotions hold you up.
  • You prefer to have time to plan for things, feeling better with a schedule than with keeping plans up in the air until the last minute.
  • You do your own thing when it comes to clothing, guided more by practical concerns than by other people’s notions of style.
  • The control you feel over your life is empowering to you– you believe in your abilities and acknowledge your shortcomings. Explanations of the world that focus on destiny or fate don’t really interest you. You take responsibility for what goes wrong in your life, and also for what goes well.

If you want to be different:

  • There’s more to life than the practical – take some time to daydream and explore the aesthetic sides of things.

how you relate to others

You are Independent

  • Your inward focus, trusting nature, and sharp sense of right and wrong make you INDEPENDENT.
  • Your thoughts and actions are not reliant on what others think about you; you have a clearly defined moral structure.
  • When it comes to others, you are very practical, expecting people to take care of themselves.
  • You generally believe the best about people, but you hold them to high standards.
  • Similarly, you believe in maintaining integrity, honor, and a sense of respect for those who have earned their success.
  • Trust needs to be earned with you; you’re slow to forgive when people have violated your trust.
  • Spending time alone means a lot to you, as does keeping certain things private.
  • You quietly observe a lot about the world, giving you a keen sense of both how things are and how things should be.
  • You’ve learned that you need to prioritize your own feelings, as opposed to always considering others’ feelings first.

If you want to be different:

  • Let your trust in others allow you to consider that interpersonal situations can be complex, and that people’s feelings in those situations can take many forms.
  • Accordingly, in working harder to understand people’s perspectives, you might find that their insights can help you make better decisions.

My Personality Chart

Agency 96

Openness 88

Confidence 86

Trust in Others 86

Earthy/Imaginative 76

Authoritarianism 72

Masculinity 72

Empathy 32

Spontaneity 32

Aesthetic/Functional 28

Attention to Style 20 (ha!)

Extroversion 18

Femininity 18

Yup. Style, Empathy, Femininity...That's me!

It was nice

Don’t be mad but it was nice. Maybe too nice. Like a warm day not knowing what will complete your moment until you hear the icecream truck and seconds later you breathe a sigh of contentedness because you had forgotten the simple joy of a fudgsicle during the frigid cold of winter.

He is a fudgsicle. Only, I had not forgotten. I intentionally placed fudgsicles far from my mind because the pain of their loss was just too great. Now I am sad anew at their loss and it’s only January.

No one knows more acutely than me how much pain I suffered. No one knows better than me how badly it was handled. While thoughtless he may have been, malicious he never was. Hurting in his own way, but never mean. It does not excuse but it gives understanding.

So his apology was accepted. He knows how poorly he acted. He knows the pain he caused. He knows it fell undeservedly at my feet. He is sorry and I believe that he really is.

I was not ambiguous. I did not say, “Oh, that’s fine” or “Oh, I hardly noticed.” It is not okay but we are each the shit-giver at least once.

…and now back to my regularly scheduled program…

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