The Final Countdown – Europe

The new year has started and now that I’m done my detox, I’m going to get back to it: Monday = music that makes me happy!

I recently had a birthday and while last year I turned 30 this year I moved “into my 30s” which just sounds gross to me. If you are in your 50s and about to tell me how I silly I am, don’t. I will lament my 30s if I want to and I do. It’s weird to me that I can make statements like “25 years ago I did mmmmm” and actually have very real memories from that thing I did 25 years ago. It just seems so very long ago.

But I digress…as always…

Twenty-six years ago a Swedish rock band named Europe released a hit single: The Final Countdown. I won’t lie, I LOVE this song.

Instead, though, of posting a video of Europe performing this fabulous song I am introducing you to my favorite cover version complete with a melt-your-face-off electric guitar solo. If you don’t enjoy this then you are dead inside.

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5 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – Europe

  1. pennypup says:

    Haha I admit, I love that song too! So great to rock out to in the car hehe.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Although, I will concede your disgust… I dread “in my 30’s” too. I’m getting quite close, this year I will be 28. Seems like only yesterday I was a teenager!

    I’ve awarded your blog with the Liebster Award. Check it out on my blog =D

    • Aw…geeze! Thank you, thank you!

    • I’d like to tell you turning 30 isn’t that bad but months before I turned 30 is when my body started to lose it’s mind. That was when the old joint pain “Could it be rheumatoid arthritis at 30” junk started to happen. Hubcaps fell off, tires got soft and bare, the oil needed more than a change. And now my hair is changing color and it has nothing to do with the Egyptian plum that was my go-to when I was 18.

      • pennypup says:

        Haha you made me feel so much better!
        I think my body is already starting to fall apart. I tell ya, kids really do a number on you!
        Also, I’m already quoting “When I was your age….” to people I know. Geeze.

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