Tussles and Scuffles

I work tirelessly with both Rose and Analaigh to make sure they are good pit-izens. We aren’t perfect, no one is but…

It is incredibly frustrating when other people’s less than tireless work negatively affects my girls play-time.

One such event occured on Sunday at one of the 2 dog parks we frequent. Dog parks have become a treat for the girls to run free with other friendly pups on the weekend as our weeks are spent working on and off leash together, away from distractions.

Sunday morning a dog entered the park and got spooked upon greeting. He lit into one dog, chaos ensued, and my nosy Rosy popped in to see what the fuss was all about and got a full dose of nasty. It was a pretty substantial tussle but no one was seriously hurt. Rose took the brunt of Bullet’s bad mood with two small teeth marks on her right cheek .

Dogs will be dogs and sometimes they’ll scuffle. Some scuffles are less impactful and others, less aggressive than others, easier to break up than others.

Here’s my problem…

I believe that if your dog is the aggressor and tears into not 1 but 2 (or more) dogs then the responsibility is on you to control your canine, address the behavior, and LEAVE the park.

Bullet did not leave the park, though, but not for lack of *trying*. The response to his bad behavior was more bad behavior: he just plain refused to leave. His owner tried, half-heartedly, to chase him down but Bullet leaves the park when Bullet is good and ready and not a second sooner. So after his owner declared, “Oh well, dogs seem to get over it quicker than we do,” Bullet was rewarded with a few more hours at the park.

Rose did not, in fact, get over it quicker than I did so we had to leave.


Do you want to know how we left?

I said, “Analaigh, Rose, COME” and they came because my commands are not optional.


For the record, it is posted at most parks that you must maintain control over your canine.

If he doesn’t come when you call, you don’t have control.  

I’m just sayin’

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