My Project 365: A Dog A Day (Day 13)

Day 13

My Project 365: A Dog A Day

I will select a dog a day to share here.

A dog that is sheltered or fostered in the continental US.

A dog that needs a loving home.

A dog that wants a second chance.



[shelter info at bottom of post]

Meet TYRONE!!! ID# 0920854


2 years old

55 lbs

Entered the shelter as a stray

Message from Brooke over at BruisedNotBroken: HE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!   And according to volunteers TYRONE is also smart, sweet, a pro-fetch player, and ‘great companion’ material.  This boy is the talk of the town, and everyone who meets him is simply baffled by the fact that he has wound up in this shelter & in danger of losing his life.  Please consider meeting/adopting TYRONE!  This amazing boy needs a safe & loving home ASAP.  Located at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NY (please click photo for more info). PLEASE SHARE! Thank you!

A volunteer writes:  This was my second date with this stunning boy.  He gives the best hugs and kisses – he is awesome!  He is gentle and sweet,  great on the leash and a joy to spend time with.  Both my volunteer colleage (bio below) and I have major crushes on this dog.  He is like the best looking boy in school who really doesn’t know how good looking he is.  Do not miss the chance to meet Tyrone and take him for a walk.  He will make you feel like a million bucks! Another volunteer writes: Good gravy, this boy is a LOOKER! Tyrone has all the makings of a dog that will sweep you off your feet at first glance – with the added benefit of smarts and a great personality to boot.  Tyrone loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back to you and let you take it from him with ease (why would he delay such a fun game? he’s a logical boy)! Someone took great care of him and trained him to ‘sit’ very well, and while he is easily distracted by the presence of other dogs, he will come running if you tell him to return to you. Plain and simple, Tyrone is “great companion” material. Come scoop this dreamboat up!  

This dog is located at the Manhattan AC&C (326 E 110th Street, NYC 10029). Please act quickly and GO DIRECTLY TO THE SHELTER to adopt (open 7 days per week from 8AM-7PM, adoptions opens at noon). If the dog is on the euthanasia list, you must CALL THE SHELTER to let them know that you are coming (212-722-4939 keep hitting 0 until someone picks up. Do not leave a message when the recording picks up — keep hitting 0 until your hear a voice!). If you absolutely cannot get to the shelter, please contact participating rescue groups to see if they can assist you:

On behalf of the dog before you, THANK YOU!

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4 thoughts on “My Project 365: A Dog A Day (Day 13)

  1. Cara says:

    If I could, I would SO adopt Tyrone. What a stinkin’ cutie!!!

  2. Cara says:

    Unfortunately I don’t 😦 This breaks my heart! I have a hard time looking at all these pups you post. It makes me burst into tears. I wanna adopt them all!!! Especially Tyrone. You can tell he is a secret cuddler 🙂

    • I know. It’s really hard for me to think this is the best I can do. I don’t have the room to even foster with my two rescued girlsese. It’s awful knowing through no fault of their own, many of them won’t make it because there is simply not the room. Someday though, things will be different. I hope…

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