My Project 365: A Dog A Day (Day 22)

Day 22

My Project 365: A Dog A Day

I will select a dog a day to share here.

A dog that is sheltered or fostered in the continental US.

A dog that needs a loving home.

A dog that wants a second chance.



[shelter info at bottom of post]

Meet NENA!!! ID# 0922066


10 months old

50 lbs

*Another photo of NENA is posted in this album – check it out!

A Volunteer Writes: At first, Nena seems very frightened in her kennel, overwhelmed with finding herself here. But within moments of having her out on a walk, her true, happy-go-lucky spirit emerges. She’s an absolute riot, completely curious about every single thing and every single person, wanting to say hello, check it all out, and then doing a little dance dance dance of happiness. She seems absolutely delighted to be near other dogs, and is desperately eager to please, responsive on a leash and allowing her walker to correct her immediately. Nena would make a wonderful pet in a loving home, and we are so eager for her to know what it is to be loved again, with stability and sweetness so she never has to be frightened again.

Another volunteer writes:  I really wasn’t prepared to fall in love with Nena, but fall in love I did.  Nena is a stunning brindle with a healthy shiny coat.  She is shy at first, not sure of me, not sure of how she should behave, not sure of what this walk will bring.  Within minutes, she decides that all is well and she can be herself and she bursts with love.  She gives hugs and kisses, her tail wags a mile a minute and she radiates good will.  People watch her on the street as she is so clearly a lover in a brindle body that one cannot help but smile as she passes.  One of our kennel workers kept looking at her and saying “she is so gorgeous”.  He repeated that several times in the course of 10 minutes.  She is both gorgeous outside and inside and is waiting to find her forever.  We are hopeful that her forever will start today and will start with you.  

This dog is located at the Manhattan AC&C (326 E 110th Street, NYC 10029). Please act quickly and GO DIRECTLY TO THE SHELTER to adopt (open 7 days per week from 8AM-7PM, adoptions opens at noon). If the dog is on the euthanasia list, you must CALL THE SHELTER to let them know that you are coming (212-722-4939 keep hitting 0 until someone picks up. Do not leave a message when the recording picks up — keep hitting 0 until your hear a voice!).

 Please contact participating rescue groups to see if they can assist you:

On behalf of the dog before you, THANK YOU!

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