My Project 365: A Dog A Day (Day 24)

Breaking from the mold to put it all into perspective

Day 24

My Project 365: A Dog A Day

I will select a dog a day to share here.

A dog that is sheltered or fostered in the continental US.

A dog that needs a loving home.

A dog that wants a second chance.


On 01/21/12 Harley’s Haven says: Meet Hamchop!! (now Hamlet!) – this poor baby was found as a stray in Philly and looks like he’s had a very rough start…he has quite a few scars, is thin, and has a sad eye infection too!  For all that he’s been through, he is such a sweetie!!  He is living in a foster home right now with other dogs and cats, and is doing great with them!  This sad fellow really deserves a second chance for some love and a warm, loving family of his owner!  Please share him and let us know if you might be interested in him!

Before I could add this little fella,

01/27/12 Harley’s Haven says: I dream for a future where animals are treated as they should be, with love and respect, and people who abuse or neglect them are actually found and punished….the saddest thing for an animal rescuer is to have to let one go because the physical and emotional scars run too deep….the damage is too much to be able to pull this one back…so, you have to show them love, and let them go, and move on to save another.  As hard as it is, you have to remember….one day, we can change this…one day, it will get better for these unwanted animals…rescue today, change tomorrow….RIP little Hammy – you were loved for the short time you were in our lives.

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