My Project 365: A Dog A Day (Day 30)

Day 30

My Project 365: A Dog A Day

I will select a dog a day to share here.

A dog that is sheltered or fostered in the continental US.

A dog that needs a loving home.

A dog that wants a second chance.



[shelter info at bottom of post]

Meet BLU (formerly known as HENRY)!! ID# 910220


80 lbs

1.4 years old

*Adopted in September but just returned – previous owner said they were moving.

His life is now in danger. Updated photo:

A volunteer writes: The first thing that Henry did when I took him out of his kennel was reach up and give me a full body hug – paws wrapped around my hips, head burrowed into my chest – gently and with love. Once we hugged, he wagged his tail, and out we went. He relieved himself immediately on the street indicating that he may be housetrained. Henry has a beautiful brindle coat and is the perfect weight for his size. He makes eye contact with his beautiful amber eyes and my heart just melts. Henry has lots of positive energy, thrilled to be out on a warm morning, enjoying the outdoors. He continued to give me hugs during our walk (I do admit I encouraged it as he is just so darn huggable!). When I sat on the bench to take some notes, Henry placed his upper body in my lap for more hugs, and tried to roll over (in my lap!) for a belly rub. Cute watching him trying to figure out the logistics of that maneuver!! Henry’s feet show signs of being crated too long by his previous owner. Henry is young, has energy and will do best with an active family. Come meet his most huggable boy in Manhattan today.  

This dog is located at the Manhattan AC&C (326 E 110th Street, NYC 10029). Please act quickly and GO DIRECTLY TO THE SHELTER to adopt (open 7 days per week from 8AM-7PM, adoptions opens at noon). If the dog is on the euthanasia list, you must CALL THE SHELTER to let them know that you are coming (212-722-4939 keep hitting 0 until someone picks up. Do not leave a message when the recording picks up — keep hitting 0 until your hear a voice!).

 Please contact participating rescue groups to see if they can assist you:

On behalf of the dog before you, THANK YOU!

So This Is Love – Disney’s Cinderella

I find myself humming the past few days…humming this song…

So this is love, Mmmmmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I’m all aglow, Mmmmmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings, Mmmmmm
And I can fly
I’ll touch ev’ry star in the sky
So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of
So this is love

Realistically…for me, it sounds more like…

So this is what it feels like to have a guy like you who wants to talk to you regularly and hear from you regularly and isn’t afraid to tell you that he likes you and doesn’t mind hearing that you like him and thinks about introducing you to people in his life and hopes you want him to meet the people in yours

But that song really makes Cinderella sound like she’s got more baggage than she is worth. So we’ll just stick to the original lyrics.