So This Is Love – Disney’s Cinderella

I find myself humming the past few days…humming this song…

So this is love, Mmmmmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I’m all aglow, Mmmmmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings, Mmmmmm
And I can fly
I’ll touch ev’ry star in the sky
So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of
So this is love

Realistically…for me, it sounds more like…

So this is what it feels like to have a guy like you who wants to talk to you regularly and hear from you regularly and isn’t afraid to tell you that he likes you and doesn’t mind hearing that you like him and thinks about introducing you to people in his life and hopes you want him to meet the people in yours

But that song really makes Cinderella sound like she’s got more baggage than she is worth. So we’ll just stick to the original lyrics.





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6 thoughts on “So This Is Love – Disney’s Cinderella

  1. Cara says:

    Okay, spill the beans!!! Is this the old beau that came back into your life or a new dude? I must know the details!! So happy to hear this…xo

    • A totally new dude. It’s all very early (we met a week ago) but I will definitely be filling you in as it comes. It feels really good and the way that we met kind of eliminates a lot of the beginnings of wondering if we both want the same things. We do. I’m giddy with excitement.

      • Cara says:

        Oh goodness, I am SO giddy for you too! Hooray for new love. Aaaaahhh, I love love 🙂 <–happy you have met someone who is kind to you and accepts you for you!

  2. Addie says:

    Okay, so I’m gonna be vulnerable here and say I miss all this. 😦

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