People, People, People: At Work, again

Damn, I’ve fallen into a structureless routine again.

I have.

I’m sorry.

It is supposed to be:

Monday – MEW-ZACK!

Tuesday – The Girls, Dog or pibble related tid-bits, etc

Wednesday – People that make me shake my head and sigh

Thursday – Foods I eats

Friday – Climbing because it ROCKS my world

Saturday – Any ole thing I feelz like

Sunday – My day of rest

But I’ve gotten lazy.

Or maybe I’ve gotten busy.

Or maybe I’ve gotten lazy AND busy.

It’s so hard to know which.

Actually – I think it was the bread.

I’m going to blame it on the bread.

Bread makes me lazy.

(Matt says I’m a blame placer…but only when it’s called for.
I can admit when I’m at fault but it is very obviously the bread!)

Situation about to be rectified:

People, People, People: At Work, Again

(my co-workers make me shake my head constantly, today was no different)

Last week I took 3 days off work to study for that stupid exam, about which we’ll never speak of again. I put in for time off in January. Tuesday afternoon came and I enabled my out-of-office email notification and my out-of-office voicemail greeting and left the building for the week.


…until Monday…

Monday morning I get back to work and see a meeting invitation in my inbox sent by my boss someone 2 days after I left the office for the week for the Friday of the week I was on vacation. Obvs, I declined the past meeting. I had already accepted another meeting for Wednesday of this week (today) and when talking to him in preparation of this meeting he informs me that I’ll be under prepared for todays’ meeting (compared to my teammates) due to my absence from last weeks’ meeting but “that’s okay, I guess.”

Er, WTF?

I guess it IS okay that I didn’t attend a meeting you scheduled after I left which occurred while I wasn’t here. I’d apologize for being woefully unprepared for today’s meeting but…

It was the bread’s fault, obviously!


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5 thoughts on “People, People, People: At Work, again

  1. Cara says:

    That damn bread! It screws me up too. Join me in going back raw 🙂

  2. Addie says:

    I hate the bread for making you feel that way!

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