Two Wonderful Years of Life – Analaigh

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!


Officially, the vet calls her 2 on February 24th but Tuesday’s spot is for my girls and as a rescue we can be a little loosey goosey with her birth date so we’ll kick off the festivities today! Analaigh is my sweet girl who was found abandoned along with her litter and her cousin-litter at the young age of 3 weeks old in Philadelphia. Life could not have handed her better luck than finding her in a wonderful foster family that loved and cherished her until the day they let me take her home for good. You probably don’t know that on the day I was supposed to bring her home, she was helping fight crime in Philadelphia (for her story go here: Analaigh is the love of my life and brings me constant joy (and new pillows as mine are always needing to be replaced). Life without her is unimaginable. 

For your viewing pleasure: a peek into our lives over the past 2 years

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8 thoughts on “Two Wonderful Years of Life – Analaigh

  1. Cara says:

    I’ve never been so jealous!!! You are the luckiest girl EVER. How anyone could ever abandon that sweet baby is beyond me. Look at how adorable she was as a tiny pup!!!! Happy Birthday, little girl 🙂

    • Analaigh says thanks! As a puppy she was always a hit because of her huge, floppy ears. She’s such an old, gentle soul. Really, a sweet girl. Selfishly, I got her to help heal my own lonliness as I dealt with whatever was happening with that ex of mine. I had no idea how much she’d change my life and that I’d love being a dog owner so much I’d adopt again 8 months later. Or be looking at grad school for Animal Behavior to turn my whole dang life on it’s head.

  2. Addie says:

    Wow. Quite a story, Meg. I love the photo slide. It tells a lot of things – love is so much visible between the two of you.

    Happy birthday, Analaigh!! Jord says Happy Burpday, too. With a wink.

    And a lick!

  3. pennypup says:

    Happy Birthday Analaigh! Wow, two years old!

    She’s such a perfect little lady and lucky to have a momma like you.

  4. Rayya says:

    Happy Birthday Analaigh! I bet your mama is going to spoil you heaps and heaps. :-)…loved the slide show…

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