Be me. Love that. Drink Juice.

I am on a mission.

Get well.
Get right.
Be me.
Love that.


All my life I’ve been creating new recipes.

Recipes of me.



Less of this.

More of that.

What flavor do you want? I will make it for you.  

I’ve lived with the very real fear that when I am who I am, I will not be wanted.

I was whatever was wanted of me.

Laugh more.
Be softer.
Love less.
Give more.

“Who you are is nothing more than the choice you make in the next moment”

I wanted to be free.

Free to be me.

“Did I have the right?” I wondered.

The right to change who you knew me to be?

The right to be who I am and not who I created for your comfort?

What if you didn’t like me?

What if you didn’t want me?

Was I brave enough to risk the loss?

I had to be.

You must love me as I am.

All of me.

As you should.

As we all should.

Love people as they are.

If not then the loss is not mine.



Recipes are meant for the kitchen.

That is where mine will stay.

New juicer in hand.

New juicing guidebook read and re-read.

Produce selections made.

I am on a mission.

Get well.
Get right.
Be me.
Love that.
Drink Juice.

 My first juice:

  1. 5 Kale leaves: Contains Vitamins A & C and anti-cancer nutrients. Very clensing, immune-boosting, skin-healing, bone-building.*
  2. 2 red Beets: One of the most clensing, blood-boosting, tonic-like juices. Apparently, can dye your urine so’s don’t freak out.*
  3. 2 Granny Smith Apples: Detoxifying, lowers cholesterol, great for digestion, good for improving skin conditions.*
  4. 3 stalks Celery: Very clensing and is a diuretic which helps eliminate excess fluid from the body.*
  5. 1 small Cantaloupe: Contains Vitamin C and is a diuretic which helps eliminate excess fluid from the body.*

The flavor: The “soily” flavor of the beets was the main flavor with a hint of Granny Smith and a light salty, celery after flavor.

Scores high for energy, detox, immunity, digestion, and skin.*

*Reference: The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies (which I adore).


My mind is clear.

My voice is strong.

My heart is full.

I am who I am

Who is not too much. 

About Anonymous Burn

I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

6 thoughts on “Be me. Love that. Drink Juice.

  1. Cowboy says:

    Certainly an interesting concoction and I’m sure it is a unique taste, but I think I’ll just stick with some bottled drinks !

    • It didn’t taste bad at all and I’m a huge baby when it comes to spitting food out if I don’t like it. Like just now, I was drinking some store-bought (’cause I was lazy this morning) carrot juice and I’m pretty positive it is poison!

  2. Cara says:

    I hear growing pains blossoming 🙂

  3. Addie says:

    Amazing how a simple act of making smoothies (which I also like) becomes poetry.

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