Calling All Women (Rock Climbers) of the World

I’ve shared my story here many times

I’ve shared my love of the sport; what I get out of it; what it means to me

I shared my first time; my fear; my trepidation; my stupidity

I’ve shared my strength

I’ve shared my weakness

Now, I want yours

Recently a friend mentioned her experience in climbing leaving her feeling weak and frustrated (with a side of camel toe). I had no reason to know she’d ever been climbing; why she went, who she was with, what her experience was like AND I WANT TO KNOW!!!

So any woman who has ever been climbing who comes across this – I want your story; even if it was a whim, you went, you hated it, you will never go back. I want to hear about it.

If you are a regular climber: novice or professional – I want your story. I want to know what drew you to it. What climbing means to you. Why you keep doing it. What you’ve learned. How/If it’s changed your life outside of the sport.

Use the below form to send me your story and this will become part of my Friday “Life by Climbing” spot; we grow and learn through our shared experiences and I want to grow and learn through yours.

About Anonymous Burn

I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Women (Rock Climbers) of the World

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share 🙂 I am really looking forward to what others have to say 🙂

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