People, People, People: The Old Bag

The girls and I love our daily walks.

Saturday mornings are our favorites.

No one is around.

It’s just us.

just us girls

And a few other crazy people up at 6:30am for morning exercise.

Walking is training; both on and off leash.

We work on things like…

Walking nicely on leash
Walking nicely off leash
Not reacting to other doggies
Not reacting to other humanoids
Checking in with the mama
Coming when the mama calls even though there are deer to chase
Leaving it when you really wanna eat the duck poops

You know…good pitizen type things…

This Saturday was no different except there were a few more people

The girls were each walking perfectly at my side

An ole grizzly mama and her dog were walking toward us

We were appropriately oblivious to their existance

Grizzly Mama stopped and stepped in front of her dog protectively

I barely noticed what was happening until I heard,

“Those dogs should be on leash!”

I knew she wasn’t talking to us

We weren’t doing anything but walking non-plussedly by


A bit longer saw more people crowding the park so leashes went on.

We looped our loop and there was Grizzly Mama with her pooch.

As is our way, we ignore people and pups.

“Can I tell you something?”

Uhm, who me? No thank you.

“You are ignorant and a thug.”

Uhm, wh-wh-wh, huh?

“You are rude. Your dogs could attack people. They should never be off their leash. Some people have dogs that are just not sociable.”

They didn’t do anything. They didn’t even look in your direction.

 “You are ignorant and rude and it is unsafe to have your dogs off like that. My dog has been attacked before by unsociable dogs like that.”

They were working. We were doing off leash work.

“I’m sorry but you are an ignorant jerk.”

(I lost it, sorry!)

You know what? Fuck you. They walked nearer my side off leash than your dog is to yours on leash.

“You are an irresponsible, rude and horrible person. You – – -“

Fuck off, you old bag!

And off we went.

Mama, I think you lost a point.

Walk Points

Possible (7): Leash on/off (2), Ignoring dogs & humans (2), Check-in (1), Coming (1), Leaving things (1)

Analaigh: Points for all; Keep up the good work!!

Rose: Points for all; good performance but check-in more, don’t pretend to think about coming when mama calls or asks you to leave the poops.

Mama: 6/7; Needs improvement ignoring humanoids