People, People, People: The Old Bag

The girls and I love our daily walks.

Saturday mornings are our favorites.

No one is around.

It’s just us.

just us girls

And a few other crazy people up at 6:30am for morning exercise.

Walking is training; both on and off leash.

We work on things like…

Walking nicely on leash
Walking nicely off leash
Not reacting to other doggies
Not reacting to other humanoids
Checking in with the mama
Coming when the mama calls even though there are deer to chase
Leaving it when you really wanna eat the duck poops

You know…good pitizen type things…

This Saturday was no different except there were a few more people

The girls were each walking perfectly at my side

An ole grizzly mama and her dog were walking toward us

We were appropriately oblivious to their existance

Grizzly Mama stopped and stepped in front of her dog protectively

I barely noticed what was happening until I heard,

“Those dogs should be on leash!”

I knew she wasn’t talking to us

We weren’t doing anything but walking non-plussedly by


A bit longer saw more people crowding the park so leashes went on.

We looped our loop and there was Grizzly Mama with her pooch.

As is our way, we ignore people and pups.

“Can I tell you something?”

Uhm, who me? No thank you.

“You are ignorant and a thug.”

Uhm, wh-wh-wh, huh?

“You are rude. Your dogs could attack people. They should never be off their leash. Some people have dogs that are just not sociable.”

They didn’t do anything. They didn’t even look in your direction.

 “You are ignorant and rude and it is unsafe to have your dogs off like that. My dog has been attacked before by unsociable dogs like that.”

They were working. We were doing off leash work.

“I’m sorry but you are an ignorant jerk.”

(I lost it, sorry!)

You know what? Fuck you. They walked nearer my side off leash than your dog is to yours on leash.

“You are an irresponsible, rude and horrible person. You – – -“

Fuck off, you old bag!

And off we went.

Mama, I think you lost a point.

Walk Points

Possible (7): Leash on/off (2), Ignoring dogs & humans (2), Check-in (1), Coming (1), Leaving things (1)

Analaigh: Points for all; Keep up the good work!!

Rose: Points for all; good performance but check-in more, don’t pretend to think about coming when mama calls or asks you to leave the poops.

Mama: 6/7; Needs improvement ignoring humanoids

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18 thoughts on “People, People, People: The Old Bag

  1. Addie says:

    Har! And she really had to call you an ignorant jerk? The nerve! Or was she referring to herself? What an ignorant jerk!

    I love you and the girls. Nothing wrong in giving jerks a piece of your mind. I am working on that skill myself.

    I hate her.

    • Thanks! Honestly, I try to be responsible about working with the girls in the presence of other people and dogs. I don’t want to create a situation in which bad things can happen. I was just floored at her response to me. She must have called me ignorant 10 times, I swear.

      Meanwhile, as she was telling me off my girls were sitting there, quietly.

  2. Addie says:

    Reblogged this on BETWIXT AND BETWEEN and commented:
    And who, if I may ask, is the real ignorant jerk here? Read on and be the judge.

  3. the dreamer says:

    Good thing you put her on her right place. Near her dog with a leash.

    • Thanks, Dreamer. I wish I could speak more intelligibly when driven into a rage. Unfortunately what ends up coming out is “fuckity fuck fuck fuck”. Then I probably seem like an ignorant thug.

  4. brains says:

    she had a right to be concerned about dogs not on a leash. however, obviously she did not go about it the right way. why is it so hard for people to approach others politely? what is so hard about, “hi. i noticed your dogs are not on leashes. they must be really well trained, because i would be afraid to walk a dog without a leash.” and that leaves the door open for someone to learn something.

    • I would like to say I’m a responsible dog owner and realize that no one can know that on sight alone so I do, I get it. I get her looking and saying “Hey those dogs *could* run off and go crazy” even though what she was looking at was two dogs walking at my heels not running off and going crazy.

      I was very seriously at a loss for words.

  5. Cara says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You should have kicked her hard in the shins…and then booked it. Again, I ask this all of the time but, what is wrong with people??? To call you a THUG? I wanna punch grandma in the face right now. She better *not* be talking about my little girlies like that!!

    • I kid you not. I wanted to say, “I’m not a thug, I used to belong to the Calculator Club and Math League.” What gets me is we weren’t dooooooing anything. No growling, no barking, no pulling, no chasing. Just walking. Nicely, quietly, minding our own business. Not being threatening. Just walking. Blerg.

  6. wildcatnova says:

    I think this woman should be leashed. And muzzled, obviously.

  7. pennypup says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! I laughed so hard at the old bag comment.

    If your girls had been running wild, I could understand her rude approach. I’ve been a bit wary of people walking with their dogs off leash before, but I would never approach someone the way she did.

    She’s the ignorant jerk.

    • Yes and I get that concern. I’m concerned when I see other dogs off leash, too. I don’t know how they’ll behave with my own monsters. But the only thing different about what her dog was doing and what my dogs were doing was the presence of a leash. There was no lunging, pulling, charging, barking…nothing. Just walkined peacefully on by. Usually when there are a lot of people around – we don’t do off leash work. I try to be mindful of other people. Sometimes I wish my girls growled a little more at all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    you are rude. keep your dogs on a leash

    • Yes. I am. I am rude, crass, and often vulgar. I’m certain you don’t know that, though. Especially not from a tale of how my dogs were walking politely off their leashes while being trained (which is allowed by most leash laws, I’ve checked). I do wish that in the face of rudeness, I could keep my wits about me. I chose my words poorly.

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