SoCo in Dixie

Day 13 — I once got so drunk and lost control and this is what I was told I did and have no reason to doubt it…

What I can piece together from that evening (pictures obtained from google image search):

Ah! Finally a night off from my first, poorly paying job. I’m just graduated from high school and Mary (my best friend since 5th grade) and I are going to hang out together finally!!!  

On the boardwalk trying to figure out what we’d do with this freedom of ours we met boys that Mary knew. We decided to meet up shortly on the beach and hang out. They showed up with this…

…and these

(things begin to get hazy)

Mary shows up very angry demanding to know why my clothes are over *there* and I’m over *here* – apparently Clothes and I were supposed to stay together all night. Well excuuuuse me, if you don’t tell me we are on a buddy-system how am I supposed to know about it?

“Holy shit! Where did she go? I thought I told her to stay put when we went inside to put things away!” anxiously questions Mary.  

(totally no idea)

“THERE YOU ARE! OH MY FUCKING GOD! I’ve been up and down the boardwalk for hours looking for you! So very glad to know you’ve been here, passed out, in the back seat of your car while I’ve been losing my mind!” lectures a relieved Mary.

Imma have to clean that up…tomorrow.


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