?Que Pasa?

Day 14 — Because my parents never found out, I remember getting away with _____ as a teenager.

When I got to highschool I did what all the cool kids were doing; I joined the marching band. Later that year I joined the jazz band. Jazz band was really only for the super cool band members so it is little wonder why yours truly was invited to join. We met for practice every week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Shut up! It was cool and so was I!
Fine. Fine. You win. Jerk.

[Enter stage LEFT] Jon Schwartz


Jon Schwartz was the senior boy to this freshman girl. He was the embodiment of cool. He listened to cool music, wore cool mushroom pants, played the guitar. He was positively dreamy. I’m not just talking dreamy by my standards (marching band, math-loving, eye-contact avoiding girl)…ALL the girls thought Jon was dreamy even the girls who had a chance.

And, uhm, Jon liked ME! Weird, I know. It’s 15 years later and I still don’t know why but just go with it….

Yup, he liked me this boy of 18 and my parents, the evil King and Queen (not really but for the purpose of this story go with it) forbade us from “going out.” At the time I was furious and thought their reason of “You two are just in two different worlds” was stupid as hell.

For the record, I’m now 31 years old and I still think this was a stupid reason to keep me from the coolest boy in school. Especially when in my Junior year to ease my prom datelessness the now less evil Queen let me ask new college freshman, Jon, to be my date. Which he totally did!!

I digress. Okay so.

 Jazz Band > Tuesdays > Thursdays > Jon Schwartz

Do you see where this is headed?

Skipping band practice to hang out with Jon for a few hours was the most duplicitous thing I’ve ever done. My adventures into truancy were short-lived as a result of my fear of being caught, although, I never was.

If you can continue my good fortune of my mom not finding out I would totally appreciate it. Thanks!!