How Do You Do That? It’s Magic!

Day 17 — There are many mysteries in the universe. If there were one truth I could learn, it would be…

How does the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser work?

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22 thoughts on “How Do You Do That? It’s Magic!

  1. PM says:

    oh first time to hear of this magic eraser! what does it do?

    • What doesn’t it do. Removes grease from stovetops, soapscum from bath tubs, scuffs from walls. Whenever I’m moving into and out of an apartment this is my go-to for cleaning.

  2. Tom Baker says:

    I hope this does not keep you up at night!

  3. Sofia says:

    lol 🙂

  4. Addie says:

    And you say you’re a chemist? Haha!


    I remember this! 🙂

  5. TemptingSweets99 says:

    LOL! I’ve never heard of it before but upon seeing it and your explanation, I’m going to look for it. I could use it! I don’t care how it works — as long as it works! LOL! 😉

  6. this thing is amazing, I wonder the same thing

  7. wildcatnova says:

    We need to stock up on these for old-house cleaning.

  8. pennypup says:

    I actually had an argument with the hubby yesterday about the Magic Eraser. I wanted him to clean the chrome rims on our car with the ME, he, however, insisted it would scratch them and went out and spent $60 on a bunch of crap (including some drill attachment thing) to clean them with.

    I love the Magic Eraser. It’s a new necessity with kids.

    • Drill attachment thing? Sounds scratchy. The ME isn’t abrasive at all. Let me know how that all works out and how long before he asked to just go ahead and use one.

      • pennypup says:

        It’s a giant foam thing that you can pop into your drill. He’s only cleaned on rim with the thing so far.. it took him 20 min and it “isn’t finished” as he said.
        I think I may go out late this afternoon and clean them myself with the ME LOL

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