How To Cope: Get More Sleep

Day 20 — I’m half naked, cold, tired, hungry, hurt, wet and just washed up on a deserted island. The first things I need to do to survive is…

Sleep. Nothing good will come from me trying figure out anything exhausted and I’m on a deserted island, the bleakness of the situation will be just as bleak tomorrow.

Which half is naked and what tragedy befell me to blow off only either my shirt and bra OR my pants and panties? What a weird life I lead.

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12 thoughts on “How To Cope: Get More Sleep

  1. theferkel says:

    Sleeping is always a bad choice when you’re in a terrible situation but sometimes it does help you recover enough energy to go on 🙂

    • In this scenario we are “tired” and I would wager exhausted from the events that took place. As a climber, I know that there is a time and a place to push through exhaustion; we make bad decisions, we lose perspective, are more prone to hysteria, even lose physical control at times. I think the best thing here to do would be find rest – and look tomorrow with fresh eyes. Nothing about this situation can be altered immediately so pushing through the exhaustion seems unnecessary and sleep could be a blessing.

      • theferkel says:

        I’ve seen a movie about a team going to the North Pole/Climbing Everest in Cold.
        One thing I’ve learned – Don’t sleep!

        • Everest is a totally different animal.

          I’ve been and also watched friends try to climb through exhaustion and we blew gear, made stupid decisions, panicked, and climbed off route. In all instances coming back another day with a fresh mind and relaxed attitude yielded success.

          • theferkel says:

            I would not sleep unless it was safe. Imagine yourself on an island and you go to bed and a few predators take a bite out of you. I keep thinking about Stephen King’s book The Dark Tower (second volume) where he’s on a beach and because he fell asleep some crab creatures almost ate him and barely escaped with poisoning. Having no aspirin he grew weaker and nearly lost his hands to the venom. That is one thing I would avoid at all costs. Island = no healthcare

    • wildcatnova says:

      I can’t bring myself to agree that sleeping is a bad choice. Not sleeping seems like a worse choice. Lack of sleep will quickly affect your judgment, increasing your risk for serious accidents and injury, which is the last thing you need when stranded alone and already injured.

  2. wildcatnova says:

    I’m with you. Lack of sleep only exacerbates problems. Priority one is finding a safe place to let your body repair itself for a few hours.

  3. Tom Baker says:

    What about the scenario where both bra and panties (I love that word), are still on but pants and shirt are gone. That’s still half naked isn’t it?

    I can see how sleep would be tempting for someone dead tired.

  4. TemptingSweets99 says:

    Sleep/rest is very important, especially when under stress.

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