Simon Says, “Trust”

Day 23 — Allowing another person to fully love me means I must…

trust them to.

I’m not great at that.

Bear with me as this might get deep and confusing…this is a constant theme with Dale.

Dale  says that it is when we are able to fulfill the needs of those around us that we learn to love them. It is when we can do for them, and they let us, that we learn how to love them.

So me: I am a lover. I offer myself to those around me (perhaps to feel worthy of them) to give and do for them and sometimes they let me – and I love them.

Rarely do I allow those around me to do the same. I don’t mean to say that I do not have people around me who would, I just rarely let them. I say that I am fiercely independant…and I am. I think also, I am scared. Scared that if I give the ones I love the chance to love me back, they won’t or can’t.

I am working on it, though. It’s easiest with my family of choice; very hard with my family of origin; and impossible with romantic partners, so far. We’ll get there, though, I’m worth it.