My Love is Conditional

Day 26 — I would break the law to save a loved one if…

…it was necessary.

On first glance, you might think the answer would be: no matter what.

But I’m a bit rigid when it comes to rules. You can choose to break them and I won’t judge you for it – but my choice is to not break them. I will pay my court fees on time; I will not get caught sending text while driving; I will tie my shoes when walking down the street; I won’t hunt camels; I will pay the meter when parking my elephant; refrain from oral sex in Califor – – – er, like I said…if it’s necessary.

here are some other silly laws

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16 thoughts on “My Love is Conditional

  1. theferkel says:

    Lol! Love it! Is it forbidden to have Oral Sex in California! Damn, another place I can’t go visit!

    • Actually, Ferkel, check that link…oral sex is illegal in more states than one.

      • theferkel says:

        oh no! I’ll chew on molasses when visiting. That will stop any “unclean” thought crossing my mind and making my bf pull over for a quick bj

        • Ferkel, Why you make him pull over?

          • theferkel says:

            :)) because of a joke I heard ages ago. A guy was getting a BJ in a car when he gets into an accident. He flies through the windscreen and the cop finds him unharmed. He’s saying “You lucky bastard”
            The guy replied: “Lucky not, my dick is still in the car”

  2. TemptingSweets99 says:

    Yeah, I choose not to break the law, either. Makes life so much easier that way. 😉 I have to think about the oral sex in Calif. part, however. Would have to be worth it. 😀

  3. veehcirra says:

    Your answer made me laugh Lol Nice one

  4. Sofia says:

    Oh man I live in CA and break the law constantly… 😉

  5. wildcatnova says:

    This is the kind of law-abiding citizen i want molding my child’s formative years…

  6. pennypup says:

    LOL I actually am one for rules as well. I may not like them, but I follow them cause they’re the rules! Without rules and boundries we’d have anarchy!! The world as we know it will come to an end! It’s will be madness I tell you, MADNESS!

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