The Hills are Alive

Day 29 — My television is showing the same show on every channel. I really don’t mind watching ____________ (from the 1960′s) and I really love this show because…

The Sound of Music. It’s not a show it’s a movie, I know. But I could watch it all day everyday. I know, I’ve done it before.

When I was in college, I had the BEST. JOB. EVER (well, I had four of them but one of them was the BEST. JOB. EVER)!! I was a parking garage attendant. Luckily, I didn’t have a social life…er, unluckily? Er… Well, I just didn’t have one so I would greedily snatch up every available 8pm – 2am shift that I could. The 6 hour shift was the longest one available and after 10pm it was Deadsville so studying was possible. Yes, this genius learned herself how to get paid to study, don’t be jealous. Also, what this genius did was watched The Sound of Music back to back during this 6 hour shift. If this genius were being honest, which she is, she would also admit her very available social calendar may have allowed her to be available to work every shift at the Perkins Garage on Saturdays and Sundays. These days in this garage were notoriously slow because they were all the way on the other side of campus and made for great weekends of TSOM marathons.

Now that I think about it – I don’t understand why I didn’t have a social life…the mere fact this story exists to be told demonstrates how terribly awesome I was (and still am).

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16 thoughts on “The Hills are Alive

  1. theferkel says:

    I remember a book by Stephen King that starts up like your story. I think it was called 4 past Midnight, and then another: The Night Shift (not the Commodores song). And a few horror movies and hmmm, a book called Feareless by Dean Koontz about a guy who could only go out at night because of his skin condition.
    I would love to try it now!

    • Oh right, I see that now…It is also, of course, from the opening number. Horror flicks are outside of my box – way outside of it – so I’m pretty unknowledgeable about them.

  2. pennypup says:

    I must be honest, I’ve never seen the Sound of Music. Only the opening… how sad am I?
    Although, I did figure out how to be paid to study as well in college. I worked as a security guard in a big empty candy factory on the weekends. 12 hour nights shifts with wireless net access made the job brilliant. =D

  3. TemptingSweets99 says:

    OMG! I puffy heart ‘The Sound of Music’! If it were a show, I would have picked it. I’m glad you mentioned it. I’m also very impressed that you figured out how to get a paid to study for school. You ARE a genius. *bowing down before you*

  4. wildcatnova says:

    omfg. we need to watch this PRONTO

  5. Sofia says:

    I love love love this movie. 🙂
    Did I say love it! lol

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