Mama has the sads

Today my mama seems sad and I don’t know why. Usually mama is either happy or telling me to stop licking or eating duck poop or making me “sit” but today she just seems…different…sad a little. I think maybe she’s lonely. I’m not sure zactly how she can even be lonely when she’s gots me and Analaigh to play with as much as she wants. Analaigh says that mama loves us very much and mama says it too ‘cept mama says “I love you more than you will ever know” which I don’t know what that means but I’m guessing it’s a whole, whole lot ‘cause sometimes she lets me go chase the ducks and doesn’t scold me for trying to swim ‘cross the lake after ‘em.
But anyhoooo mama says she loves us more than we know but sometimes, at night, when we are all snuggled up in the covers in our very big bed, mama got the biggest bed she could find so she wouldn’t bother us too much when she wanted to share it with us which does seem a bit much at times since mama only ever uses a very small part of the bed which is very near the edge, I worry about her falling off sometimes so Analaigh and I have to get up and snuggle even closer, seems almost the closer we get the nearer she is to falling off…
Uhm, but anyways, sometimes when we are all snuggled in that one teeny-weeny spot in our very big bed right near the edge to where we might all fall off, mama sometimes gets a sad look in her eyes and whispers “At least I have my girls.” I try to kiss her, of course, when she gets that look in her eyes but then it’s all back to “No Rose, no tongue!” Herumph, I say. Anyhow, I sure hope mama stops being lonely soon. I don’t much like to see her so sad.