If A Rose Were A Duck

It’s summertime!!!! And not a moment too soon! Mama has forbidden long walks so the last couple o weeks has been boooooorrrring!! What happened was mama took me too see my doctor. He’s a super nice guy ‘cept he’s a “No, Rose, no tongue” guy ’cause mama got to him and poisoned him against puppy kisses. So Doctor Maxwell gave me some pricks and made me take a naptime and when I woke up he told my mama I had torn crucia’lig’ments and I was going to need surgeries. Mama won’t tell me what that means zaclty but now she says “Not today” when I go get my leash. It is so totally boring.
Welp, this weekend mama took me and Analaigh out to pees and she musta been bored, too, ’cause we did a little exploring where we saw some trees an’ stuff. We walked and sniffed and splashed through some puddles and when we came out on the other side…

There was a creek!
Soon as we saw it, me and Analaigh, we knew it was summertime!!!

The creek is just about the most funnest thing ever. Mama throws the sticks that normally she’s all “Drop it“ing about and I get to swim and go get ’em. Which totes dudn’t make no sense ’cause it’s all “Rose go get the stick” if I’m swimming but say I want a snack while lounging in the yard and suddenly it’s all “No, Rose, drop it.” But anywhoo Mama says I can swim alls I want after I get my surgeries and that makes us lucky ducks to find the creek so close. I don’t know why it makes me a duck and I’m not sure it does neither ’cause my poop doesn’t smell anywhere as yummy as a duck poop does. ‘Course if it makes me a duck then maybe next time I see ’em they’ll know I’m one of ’em and they won’t fly off so fast. Whenever I see ’em now, I have to run super fast to where they are swimming to try to say hi but it’s like as soon as they see me coming they take off flying. I gotta be a little quicker next time maybe…to let ’em know, an’ all, that I’m a duck, too. Mama says.

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4 thoughts on “If A Rose Were A Duck

  1. wildcatnova says:

    Oh, Rosiebear, you ARE a lucky duck. I love watching you splishy splashing, and your Bug thinks it’s super funny too.

  2. Addie says:

    Tell your Mama to go get you Duck Language 101. Then again, your mama might say, No Rose blah blah again. Sometimes your mama confuses me too.

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