I love living with my Bug especially since he got that straw in his tummy. It helps him slurp slurp slurp his food without even having to do anything. I wonder if I could get my mama to get me a straw like that because I love to eats and I love to sleeps and if I could eats and sleeps at the same time then I could prolly have more time for swimming and swimming is like totes my favoritest thing ever. But I dry-grass…speaking of dry-grassing, mama says she dry-grasses all the time but I ain’t never seen her dry grass, not once…Oooh…Analaigh says it’s “dye-grass” but I def don’t dye the grass, it’s not allowed. There are strict grass rules at our house.
Dry-grassing done properly…
But I’m dry-grassing again…
Any-ole-how…I looooove living with my Bug ’cause now that his belly is full he laughs like all the time ‘cept for when he’s sad or somethin’ and he’s got the bestest laugh ever. So, yeah, now that he’s so happy all the time he also comes and plays with me and Analaigh: in the basement, in the livingroom, in the backyard, we go on walks together…life is pretty much the best ever…(Bug is the perfectest height so I can give him as many kisses as I want and he never says “No Rose, no tongue” in fact he laughs when I give him kisses).
Bug and I have one super awesome thing in common: we love to show off our tongues we love wet kisses we can make mama do anything with sad eyes we love balls!!! We love playing with them. Balls are good for chasing an’ throwin’ and bouncin’ and pouncin’ an’ eatin’ an’ rollin’. Bug is a super champ at findin’ ’em. He can find ’em anywhere even that dinky and dirty one hidden under our steps out back.
Prolly the most delicious in the universe but neither mama will let us get it.
Bug has balls for playing. Analaigh has balls for playing. I gots balls for playing. I’m allowed to play with Analaigh’s balls and Analaigh is allow to play with my balls but we aren’t allowed to play with Bug’s balls ’cause mama is all “Drop it” and Bug’s mama is all “Leave it” and well…the balls all look the same. It is gonna take me and Analaigh some time to know the difference.
One of Bug’s delicious I-have-no-idea-what-that-tastes-like balls.
That is not a bat, it’s Analaigh playing with *our* delicious balls.

People Balls

Pibble Balls

See how confusin’ it is? Especially when mama tries to test me by putting a Bug-ball near me.