It’s just my life

There seems to be some confusion about why I write this blog so openly…

It appears that some think I have shared the stories of my past (and the past of others with it) looking for sympathy, looking for hugs and cuddles to say “Oh, poor Megan.”

I. Do. Not. Write. For. You.

I. Write. For. Me.

If no one came here and no one read my words – I would still write them because like a letting of blood it expels my demons. It makes me feel better. It allows me to look at myself and my feelings and sift through them. I am allowed to have sweet and soft thoughts in a world of bubblegum and cotton candy as much as I am allowed to have ugly and angry feelings and my expression of them all are merely mine.

It was recently suggested that I close down this blog because some of the people I had hoped to connect to better through it choose to take offense to it…the matter has not been decided but for now – I remain here.

If my words/thoughts/feelings give rise to your words/thoughts/feelings -you should examine why that is. Chances are it does not really have to do with me…well, at least, it shouldn’t.

About Anonymous Burn

I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

4 thoughts on “It’s just my life

  1. wiccanlady13 says:

    I like reading your words. Hope you continue to post. But, then that is just my opinion. It is your feelings, words, and experience so it should be your choice whether to post or not. If it is offensive to others, they need not follow or read, then it should not be a fucking problem. More power to you, baby girl. Self growth is a glorious thing! 🙂

  2. Two thumbs up! I, also, blog for myself and am perfectly fine whether I have readers or not. I wholeheartedly agree with comment above. We are all individuals and all find and express ourselves in different ways. Blogging is one of those ways. xoxo

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