People, People, People: Everybody


Please review below then stop saying EVERYBODY. When the everybody in question numbers a lot, then it is NOT everybody when only a few is included in your statement of ‘everybody’. A portion of something is not all of it. A piece of the pie is not the whole damn pie. Some people is not every person. Just fucking stop it!

  • ev·ery·body

pronoun \ˈev-ri-ˌbə-dē, -ˌbä-\


Definition of EVERYBODY

: everyone
  • ev·ery·one

pronoun \ ev-ri- wən\


Definition of EVERYONE

: every person : everybody

Next week’s lesson will be on properly using always, anything, ever, everything, never, no one, and only. As in, one can not always forget everything; even Leonard Shelby had his tattoos. One does not never smile; maybe I just hate you. One does not always only think of oneself; sometimes we are forced think of everybody else when everything is always messed up because no one can  ever do anything right around here except for me…er…one, uhm, he/she/it(?).


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