People, People, People: Everybody


Please review below then stop saying EVERYBODY. When the everybody in question numbers a lot, then it is NOT everybody when only a few is included in your statement of ‘everybody’. A portion of something is not all of it. A piece of the pie is not the whole damn pie. Some people is not every person. Just fucking stop it!

  • ev·ery·body

pronoun \ˈev-ri-ˌbə-dē, -ˌbä-\


Definition of EVERYBODY

: everyone
  • ev·ery·one

pronoun \ ev-ri- wən\


Definition of EVERYONE

: every person : everybody

Next week’s lesson will be on properly using always, anything, ever, everything, never, no one, and only. As in, one can not always forget everything; even Leonard Shelby had his tattoos. One does not never smile; maybe I just hate you. One does not always only think of oneself; sometimes we are forced think of everybody else when everything is always messed up because no one can  ever do anything right around here except for me…er…one, uhm, he/she/it(?).


Anonymous Burn

Dear Rose, Love Bug

Lookee!! Lookee!!! My favoritest Bug in the whole wide world wrote what mama says calls a Toad to Rose. Prolly he was inspired by the toads we saw when we were down to the creek that time. A toad to Rose, hah! Bug is soooo funny!!!

…so much fun it can’t be captured on film by either mama…

Your nose is sniffy.
Your eyes are happy.
Your tongue is licky.
Your tail is waggy.
I don’t rhyme so good… I’m only one…
But you and me, Rosie?  We’re gonna have FUN!







Dear friendly readers, ::sigh:: I told her it was an “Ode to Rose” clearly there are toads on the brain. Love, the Mama