He can call me a flower if he wants to; I don’t mind

Have you noticed my silence as of late? Yeah…me too…

Remember that adorable scene in Disney’s Bambi (not a pun of any means) where Thumper shyly recites:

If you can’t say somethin’ nice….don’t say nothin’ at all…

Yeah, that’s about where I am right now. One could say shit hit a fan, things got real, or scripts got flipped. I wouldn’t say that, though. I would say that people had thoughts and feelings about me, my life, and my words. They then told me about how who I am bothered them, how my life disappointed them, and how my words betrayed them.

I have been sad, furious, disappointed, and hurt: sad that I thought I could use this place to connect with the people in my life that I don’t normally, furious that the reasons that have kept me from connecting still apply, disappointed my words have been twisted into meanings I did not give them, and hurt that those I should trust most I trust least.

Having been the sister of a brother who was goaded into arguments, real and dumb alike,  time and time again (yes, we seriously fought over which was Bert and which was Ernie), I will not take the bait. But until such time as I can open my mouth (or place fingers to keys) without somethin’ not nice falling out accidentally…I’m sayin’ nuthin’.

In the meantime I encourage revisiting my Golden Rules.

To the friends I met here without ever expecting to that keep me from shutting down because I truly enjoy meeting here to comment and share our lives bloggeratedly – THANK YOU! I MISS YOU!!

About Anonymous Burn

I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

5 thoughts on “He can call me a flower if he wants to; I don’t mind

  1. Wilhelmina Upton says:

    I miss reading your posts as well. Take care 🙂

  2. wiccanlady13 says:

    I will miss reading your thought and feelings. Laughing with joy at your achievements and crying with sadness at the daily roadblocks that appear out of the mist that make one stumble and fall. Hope this is only a break…not a farewell!

  3. TemptingSweets99 says:

    Big hug!

  4. pennypup says:

    Take the time you need! Life can get annoying and sometimes we all just need a break, for we might say something we regret. Hope to see you back soon Flower!

  5. […] have been crazy the past few months. There has been anger and frustration (yes, it’s really taken this long) and a lot of trying to catch my breath going […]

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