People, People, People: Oh Dogpark People

I’ve been out of sorts lately. Luckily for you I encountered a terrible human being this week just in time to write about them for our Wednesday People People People spot…luckily…

As you know – I like to take my girls to the dogpark from time to time – it’s good for them to be socialized with dogs and humans of all walks of life. Sadly, socializing them means socializing me and I need much more work in this area…

As we approached to enter the park, as is a rule in our family, the girls were sitting and waiting for me to enter the first gate to call them in. Gate 1 – check. We approached gate 2 and were again settling into a sit so I could enter the second gate and call them in. One girl is sitting, the other is sniffing marked fences and I noticed there are a handful of dogs who have come to greet us at the gate – my personal philosophy is that the dogs should not be allowed to crowd the gate to intimidate the newcomers but whatever…I know that once we enter the girls and I will do a lap around the perimeter, sniffing, meeting and greeting in smaller doses, and acclimating…

Almost ready to enter, I look up to notice (thankfully) humans have walked toward the gate to retrieve their pups to thin out the welcoming committee…

“Excuse me, I think you should try the other section – the one for smaller dogs.”

I look to the voice and realize this person is addressing ME! I look back at my 50 lb and 70 lb dogs and reply, “Uhm, we’ll be fine.”

“Are they young dogs?”

Confused at the relevance of the question and not sure what she’s getting at, “Yes” (well, kinda…Analaigh is 2.5 and Rose is 2, technically not exactly puppies I mean they don’t eat puppy food but they are still young…what is she getting at?)

“Yes, then you shouldn’t bring them in here.”

“We’ve been to dog parks before. They’ll be fine.”

“If you bring them in here, there is going to be a problem. I just know it. I know there will be problems.”

Now I’m pissed off. I don’t know if “there will be problems” because my dogs are pitbull type dogs but hers is a rottweiler so she can’t be profiling, can she? “We’ve done this before. We’ll be fine” (so please move yourself and your dog away from the gate so I can enter you stupid b—)

“So when there is a problem are YOU going to reach your hand in and break it up?”

“Yes. I will.”

So now part of me is thinking – I don’t even want my dogs to play in the same space as this woman but on the other hand I’m thinking I’ll be damned if I’m letting this woman bar me from entering this park with my dogs. I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me nor does she know my dogs. I’m stubborn, we enter and spend the next few hours in peaceful harmony with the occupants of the park…EXCEPT FOR THAT LADY’S DOG…who spent the rest of the time on his leash because he snapped at a few of the other dogs playing…

I just don’t get why people have to be so hateful and I sincerely wish I understood exactly what made this woman decide to be so with us…in any event, we haven’t gone back…so I guess she got what she wanted – me and my dogs to go away.

That’s fine…we don’t need anyone else!

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11 thoughts on “People, People, People: Oh Dogpark People

  1. Addie says:

    Reminds me of the Old Bag. Pft!

    I love the pic, what’s that orange stuff?

    • Yeah, I thought the same thing.

      The orange thing is a toy stick to throw in the water. Rose swims out to get it and Analaigh snatches it from her and pretends she did all the hard work.

  2. I think you should go back. Don’t let her drive you out of your park!

    • It’s less about her driving me out and more about not wanting to run the risk of being around a certain type of person if I don’t have to be. Plus, for the next few weeks John says not to put Analaigh in any unnecessarily fearful positions.

  3. That was a really strange encounter. I have no idea why she wanted you to go to the small dog section, other than to simply get you to go away. My larger dog is a compact 45 lbs, and I would never think to take him to a “small dog” area/event because that’s generally for dogs less than half his size.

    • I’m still baffled as well. Like I said, if her dog wasn’t a commonly profiled dog as well I wouldn’t have been as stunned by it. I guess the issue was really that she knew her dog and knew her dog would perhaps have a problem with my dog – but I fail to see where the onus is mine to leave. Not that I’m interested in playing social order games with humans that could endanger my dogs but still…

  4. Anonymous says:

    hmmm That lady really was a bitch…..LOL must take after her dog! :))) Love the picture of the girls!

  5. Naw, she didn’t get what she wanted. You did the right thing by not going back. The woman sounded like a troublemaker and you don’t want to be around a troublemaker. Years ago, I had a similar problem at dog park. Never went back with my dogs. That was okay. We had more fun outside of the park. 🙂

    And yes, you’re right: “… the dogs should not be allowed to crowd the gate to intimidate the newcomers…”

  6. pennypup says:

    Arrrgggggg!!! Fffffooooooppppfffttt! =b That’s for the silly lady and that’s all I have to say.

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