This is Analaigh.

We met in April 2010.

When I picked this sweet girl out of the playpen containing her brothers and sisters…

 …she sniffed my hair, posed for this pictures, layed down, and took a nap…

I knew this was the girl for me.

Analaigh is my heart.

She is sweet and shy and tender and gentle. She will melt your heart with her soulful eyes.

She has always been wise beyond her years.

Every day for the first month I waited and watched for the signs of my rambunctious puppy to show up.

Our first full moon together I thought “Ah ha! This is it” and 24 hours later she was back to normal.

 She did not bring a tornado of chaos into my home.

I can not imagine life without her.


I’m not stupid and I don’t live in a bubble so I knew about the negative portrayal of the breed (pitbull or mixes of anything resembling one, that is). I have never believed that any being can only be one thing because of how it looks or its genetic make-up and I wasn’t about to start now. About a month after I brought Analaigh home, I read my first horrifying story about pitbull fear and its real life manifestationthen another, then stories about abuse, then another, and still more . I also read stories of their amazing ability to fight for life and their resilience. And of course, stories of when it all goes horribly wrong (there’s no sense in linking those, they are liberally reported by the media).

4 thoughts on “Analaigh

  1. Ok thats TO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  2. adflkjgdshfdkl… so freakin precious!!!

  3. Addie says:

    She is melting my heart with those eyes. Those soulful eyes.

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